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Bondage Furniture - Portable Strap Restraint Bondage Table


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Portable Strap Restraint Bondage Table

Our Strap Restraint Bondage Table is designed after the original Munich Bed of centuries past

Leather strap bondage table

Shown with Leather Strap Upgrade

The Munich Bed strap bondage table

Shown here with "Arms Out" option




The "Munich Bondage Bed" of
Novi's No. VI Dungeon fame!

BDG Sales proudly creates this portable bondage table through mutual agreement. This FULL BODY BONDAGE RESTRAINT SYSTEM is a fantasy piece to any bondage enthusiast. New innovations make it more versatile and portable than ever. This is THE bondage table you've seen in dungeons and video images all over the internet.

Assembled, the bondage table measures 3 feet wide by 7 feet long and stands 30 inches high. The "Bed" breaks down WITHOUT TOOLS so that no piece is larger than 3' x 3' x 4" ... small enough to fit under a bed or in a closet. Perfect for apartment dwellers, those with limited space or for being discrete. It fits in many midsize car trunks if you want to bring the dungeon along with you!

Our Strap Bondage Restraint Table is a pleasure for any bottom or Top. Constructed of plywood and lumber, it is easily and quickly assembled with carriage bolts and wing nuts. All edges are rounded over, sanded and stained.

The Standard bondage table includes two layers of padding, one dense and the other of soft foam then meticulously upholstered in black vinyl. Tabs hold 18 heavy duty polypropylene straps with infinitely adjustable rolling cam buckles, plus two 3/4"crotch straps to the table. Arms can be restrained along the sides or overhead. All tables have a depression at the tailbone area that provides for back and tailbone comfort.

This can be a very confusing piece to order online, we recommended calling us to discuss option combinations and customizations.

Dungeon Furniture - Bondage Table Options

Start with our basic Strap Restraint Bondage Table.

TBL-BSC - $895.00

Ultra Padding Option
Three layers increase comfort during those extended scenes - Our most popular option comes highly recommended.

TBL-XPAD – $50.00

Portable Bondage Rack Table




Dungeon Furniture - Bondage Table "Rack" Set

4 extensions, 2 winches each with 4 feet of chain (or rope), eight bolt/washer/wing nut sets convert the "Bed" to a medieval stretching rack - perfect furniture for your dungeon.

TBL-RACK – $120.00

Hand and Ankle suspension restraints




Head and Ankle Suspension Restraints

BDG's perfect companion with the Rack Set - Fetters design leather padded hand and ankle restraints stretch the extremeties without digging in. Custom made for us by Mr. S.

TBL-SRES – $384.00

Bondage Table Spread Eagle




Arms Out Option for Bondage Table

With adustable pivoting arms and positions, this extension set mounts to existing tables - includes four additional poly straps (2 @ 28", 2 @ 38") and two 7-inch bolts.

TBL-ARMO - $150.00

Bondage Table Butt Opening




Center Opening with Filler Plate

A hole at the buttocks area for added access, with removable padded filler plate.

TBL-CO-WF - $75.00

Portable Bondage Table CBT Opening
(insert your own face)




Center Opening WITHOUT Filler Plate

A hole at the buttocks area for added access for those that nater never intended to cover it up! For anal and CBT play.

TBL-CO-NF - $50.00





Sleepsack Tie Down

Includes two extra straps on the base of the table and two belts to secure the leg portion of the sleepsack so the knees may not be bent.

TBL-SST - $25.00

Mega Strap Bondage Table option




Mega Strap Option

Adds an additional nine poly straps: one torso, four leg and four arm straps (one torso strap not shown in photo). Keep them really restrained on your custom dungeon furniture bondage table.

TBL-MEGA – $50.00

Leather Strap Bondage Table with Rack

Leather strap upgrade shown with "Rack" extension




Bondage Table - Leather Strap Options

Leather Strap UPGRADE: Eighteen leather straps replace the standard poly straps of approximately the same lengths (plus two 3/4" poly crotch straps for comfort).

TBL-LTHR-18 – $250.00 Additional charges apply for leather upgrade of Mega and/or Arms Out straps.

Additional set of eighteen heavy-duty poly straps (if you'd like both leather and poly straps).

TBL-XSTR – $120.00

Head restraint on portable bondage table

Straps keep the head restrained to the bondage bed




Head Straps

Head strap sets may be used to fasten face harnesses, hoods, gas masks and more onto the bondage table.

Set of Five Head Straps – Four 4' and one 6'
TBL-HSTR5 - $12.00 
Set of Seven Head Straps – Six 4' and one 6'
TBL-HSTR7 – $15.00
Bondage Table head restraint section




Head/Face Slot
for added comfort in a face down position.

TBL-HDSL – $50.00

Removable Neck Posts
for maximum head restriction.

TBL-POST – $55.00

New Head Section

for those who already have our bondage table, and want the head slot and/or neck posts. New top section comes with double hand strap loops, face down head slot and removable neck post set.

TBL-NWTP $195.00




Other Goodies

Halogen Light Set
An interesting way to illuminate your dungeon space - lights are attached underneath - you receive three "puck" shaped halogen lights. To ensure the light set is not damaged in transit, it is easily customer-mounted with the turn of a few screws.

TBL-LITE – $35.00

Joy Rider® "Sleds"
Adapts a Joy Rider® rim seat to the head section of the table through extra holes. Requires customer to fasten their Joy Rider® to sleds.

TBL-JOYR – $60.00

Remove the leg set - SUBTRACT $100.
If you only intend to suspend your table. (NOTE: most times the shopping cart behaves on this item. If there are discrepancies, we'll let you know and adjust the price).

TBL-NO LEG - subtract $100.00

Suspension Eyebolts
Four of the surface fastening bolts can be replaced with eye bolts (four @ 3/8" x 8") for ceiling suspension and add more tie down points.

TBL-IBLT - $10.00

The bondage table is custom built – please allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery (see Order Turn Around on the Ordering Info page for more details). Buyer assumes all responsibility for any actual use of our dungeon furniture - see Item Use Policy.