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Butt Toys, Dildoes and Anal Probes

Most of our rubber gags and dildos are high quality UK imports, NOT China knockoffs. Don't be fooled by lower priced look-a-likes. The inflatables grow mostly in diameter and not much in length when inflated.
Giant Foam Filled Latex Butt Plug
Foam Filled Gigando Latex Butt Plug
Open wide and say ahhhhh! Filled with a semi-soft foam, a great plug for "book marking" your place during a fisting scene. Definitely one for advanced players. Bulbous base, black latex.
EBT-X116 - $48.00
Inflatable Latex Dildoes
Regular and extra large sizes
Large Inflatable Latex Dildo
Gigondo Inflatable Dildo
Inflatable Latex Dildos
These dildos are inflatable to slowly stretch you wide open. Three different sizes; regular, extra large and gigondo. Each is available available hollow (which goes flacid or flat when deflated) or with a foam-filled inside (that maintains it's shape and is easier to insert). Bulbous base. Inflator bulb with metal valve. Black latex.

Hollow Inflatable dildo, regular size
EBT-81 - $37.00

Hollow Inflatable dildo, extra large size
EBT-81XL - $48.00

Foam Inflatable dildo, extra large size
EBT-81XL - Foam - $52.00

Hollow Inflatable dildo, gigondo size
EBT-X118 - $59.00

Foam Inflatable dildo, gigondo size
EBT-X118 - Foam - $63.00
Foam Filled inflatable dilto
The small plugs shown above work great as an inflatable or in mask gag
Inflatable Dildos
Medium and Large sizes - also useful as a giant gag
Inflatable or Foam-Filled Latex Dildos

The inflatable dildos come in three sizes. You can fill those orifices to their maximum limit. Small, medium and large, inflator bulb with metal valves. Flared base. Black latex.

Foam-filled dildos are easy to insert and stay in place under normal clothing or use with a harness. Soft foam filling makes them very comfortable for extended periods of time. The foam-filled inflatable dildos are easy to insert and can then be inflated to slowly stretch you wide open. Available in small, medium, and large sizes. Flared base for comfort and security. Black Latex. (Foam-filled Inflatable dildo not available in small)

Foam-Filled Dildo
EBT-X405 - $11.00
Inflatable (hollow) dildo
EBT-X409 - $27.00

Foam-Filled Dildo
EBT-X404 - $14.00
Inflatable (hollow) Dildo
EBT-X408 - $27.00
Foam-Filled Inflatable Dildo
EBT-X408A - $32.00

Foam-Filled Dildo
EBT-X403 - $16.00
Inflatable (hollow) Dildo
EBT-X407 - $32.00
Foam-filled Inflatable dildo
EBT-X407A - $37.00
Latex Butt Probe, foam filled and inflatable
Latex Butt Plug/Probe
Three styles: The foam filled thin probe is made of black latex with a soft foam filler. Two inflatable models: one hollow, another with a foam liner for easier insertion. All are flexible enough to reach those hot spots and have an indented and flared base to keep it in place when fully inserted. Great for anal or vaginal use, and "double dicking" practice.

Foam Filled Thin Probe
EBT-X406 - $27.00

Inflatable (hollow) Thin Probe
EBT-X410 - $27.00

Inflatable/foam filled Thin Probe
EBT-X410A - $32.00
inflatable latex butt plug
Inflatable Latex Butt Plug
This plug is easy to insert and inflates once it is inside to fill all of those crevices. Classic butt plug shape with flared base to ensure security. Inflator bulb with metal valve. Inflatable black latex with foam core. One size only (comparable to a medium butt plug).

Inflatable Foam-filled Butt Plug
EBT-X411A - $40.00
Inflatable Rubber Bellows
Rubber Bellows
intended for inflating the rectum with sigmoidoscope use, this bellows fits most inflatable toys with a tubing connector. You first pump air into the netted chamber, then squeeze and release the netted chamber to repeatedly fill and deflate whatever have connected to it. Make those butt toys pulse! Well powdered when shipped. Keeper ring shown not included - use with plastic clamps available on our medical supplies page.
OMG-BLW - $12.50
Rubber Inflator Bulb
Rubber Inflator Bulb
Very well-made rubber inflator bulb with precision metal valves. For use with all inflatable gags on this page and other inflatables from BDGSales. Order an extra one with your gag to have on hand or purchase as a replacement.
OMG-INFT - $6.00
Dense Foam Butt Plug
Dense Foam Butt Plug
This plug is easy to insert and is filled with a dense foam to hold shape. Classic butt plug with flared base to ensure security. Black latex. One size only (approximately medium butt plug size for comparison). Cover with a condom for easier clean up.
EBT-X411-DF - $29.00
Silicone Rubber Butt Plug
Silicone Rubber Butt Plug
Bullet Shape is very comfortable for long term use. Medical grade silicone is boilable, bleachable, and dishwasher proof. Now in "dark purple " color. Sold elsewhere for over $30
EBT-SLPG - $25.00
Stainless Steel Butt Plugs
Regular and small sizes shown
Stainless Steel Butt Plugs
You're sure to remember where you left this one parked. These are quite heavy and may be secured in place for long-term wear. Great for use as a single contact electrical toy - just apply a sticky pad or secure wire with screw off base. Serve warm, cold or room temperature.

Extra Large Stainless Steel Butt Plug - 3.5 pounds
STN-BPXL - $95.00

Regular Stainless Steel Butt Plug - nearly 2 pounds

Small Stainless Steel Butt Plug - over 1 pound
STN-BPSML - $65.00