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Anal and Vaginal Electrodes

Folsom Electric Butt Plugs/Anal Electrodes
Folsom Bipolar Anal Electrode
The Classic Folsom Bi-Polar Electric Butt Plug
Made of a durable plastic compound and shaped to fit securely in the anus. These are bipolar electrodes - use just in the ass or connect one wire to the anal electrode and another to a cock ring or urethral electrode for that "across the prostate" experience. One side of the anal trode to the scrotum, the other to the cock head... you get the idea.Careful use and cleaning of this item ensures years of enjoyment. Two banana pin connectors at the base of each unit. Available in three sizes.

Folsom Small Butt Plug - 4.5" of insertable length and 1.25" in width
ELC-SMPG - $155.00

Medium Butt Plug - 5" of insertable length and 1.5" in width
ELC-MDPG - $175.00

Large Butt Plug - 5.5" of insertable length and 1.5" in width
ELC-LGPG - $175.00
Folsom Twin Stim Anal electric butt plug
Folsom Bipolar Anal Electrode
Four contact sockets on the base
Folsom TWIN STIM Electric Butt Plug
Also for vaginal use. We have worked with the folks at Folsom Electric Company in developing a new 4 contact butt plug. Two sets of contacts, top to bottom and side to side in one plug. A very different stim feeling, like being alternately fucked in 2 ways in adjustable succession. Works great with units that have A to B channel fading, like many of the settings on the Erostek boxes do... Butt e-stim fans, there's a new boy in town and he's quite a ride!

Medium Twin Stim Electric Butt Plug - 5" of insertable length and 1.5" across
ELC-MDTSPG - $195.00

Large Butt Plug - 5.5" of insertable length and 1.75" across
ELC-LGTSPG - $195.00
Cone shaped electric butt plug
Folsom Classic Cone Shaped Bi-Polar Anal Electrode
Folsom refers to this plug as "Junior." 120mm insertable length, diameter at widest point is 40 mm, 25 mm at the neck.

Folsom Classic Cone Shaped Butt Plug
ELC-CNPG - $175.00
Butt Bullet electro butt probe
Dual-Pole Butt Bullet Electrode

This bi-polar butt electrode is one of our favorites and they're now produced to our own high quality standards. Made from solid medical grade stainless steel (not chrome over brass or other plated metals). Quality construction.

This bullet has been designed to be repaired by yourself, if repair is ever needed to the wires. With two contacts, this electrode is standalone and does not need another matching contact. Comfortable for long term use. Great for remote stim units. This is made especially for us and is superior to the units sold elsewhere at over $100.

Dual Pole Butt Bullet
ELC-DCBP - $49.00
Tri-polar electric butt plug vagina probe
Folsom Triple Contact Anal or Vaginal Electrode
Three conductive areas: two at the bottom, and a third at the top. Perfect for the "phasing" capabilities of many electro-stim power units.

The Triple Contact electrode is usually used in either of two configurations. When you connect the two conductive surfaces near the baseplate to your electrobox, you will create an electrical path at the bottom of the plug. Alternatively, you can connect these two areas together using the Y-adapter that is included with this plug, thereby making it as a single acting conductor.

Using the Y-adapter and the third pole on the plug, you create a path from the tip of the shaft to the base electrodes. Or use the center tip condcuting to a shaft ring or electro "blue bands" to stimulate the prostate/other and the sphincter separately. The different electrode configurations provide for varying erotic sensations.

Three banana sockets at the base. Holes permit securing it to the body with thin rope or other contraptions.

A "Y" adapter wire is included.

Folsom Classic Cone Shaped Butt Plug
 ELC-3POL - $195.00
Bi-polar electric probe
Folsom Bi-Polar Vaginal or Anal Electro Probe
A cylindrical, bipolar probe, 5.25" long and 1" in diameter. Two banana pin sockets at the base. Conductive strips line this solid plastic electrod on each side. Interesting, involuntary muscle contractions are known to happen with this electrode.

Folsom Bi-polar Probe
ELC-2POL - $175.00
Vagina or jock strap electric
Folsom Vaginal or Scrotal Electrode
The small, curved, oval plate has 2 contact strips on the inner surface and 4 holes for securing it in place or just slip it into a jock strap.

Folsom Bi-polar Probe
ELC-SHLD $79.00