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Electrical Stimulation (ElectroSex) Power Units

Folsom 202 Electro Stim Power Unit
Folsom 202 Electro Stim Power Unit
Folsom PSG-202 Electro-Stim Power Unit
The PSG-202 is designed to produce the most optimal output for sensual electric play. This Power Signal Generator has two output jacks with separate intensity adjustments for each. The box is equipped with two quick disable buttons which can instantly turn off either channel's electrical output. There are red LED's (light emitting diodes) to provide visual indication of activity on each channel. In addition to intensity controls, there are also controls to adjust the pulse rate (cycle rate) and frequency of the AC signal.

PSG-202 units allow for a typical frequency adjustment from about 15Hz to about 200 Hz. The PSG-200 operates from a standard 9 volt battery (or an optional A.C. Power Adapter when used within North America).

This tried and true unit produces great sensual and pleasurable electrical sensations. An easy to use and understand box that's great for beginners at electrical stimulation. Pain lovers may enjoy the Folsom 202 e-stim unit as well - it all depends on the settings and placement of electrodes. There is some cross-over between the channels on this unit. Arrives with two pairs of banana plug wire leads.

Often in stock - call if you require a rush order.

Folsom 202 Electrostim Power Unit
ELC-F202 - $245.00

AC Adapter for North American power
ELC-ACAD - $15.00
Folsom PSG Max Electro Stim Power Unit
The PSG-MAX produces a coarser, more intense sensation than the PSG-202
Folsom PSG MAX Electro Stim Power Unit
Folsom PSG MAX Electro-Stim Power Unit
Each channel of the PSG-MAX is completely independent and isolated from the other. Power output is alternated between the two channels so that both channels never have output at exactly the same time. Besides the interesting effect, this feature also allows for safer application under certain conditions, perhaps one channel per nipple.

The Frequency control on the PSG-MAX is an adjustment of the rate or cycle time. It can be adjusted to provide a very long off cycle time (for a slow pulse rate) to an extremely short off time (producing a very fast rate of pulses).
The PSG-MAX has a Pulse Grouping function. When the Pulse switch is on, the generator produces a train of "grouped" pulses. The Rate Control provides for a very wide range of effect for this function.

Quick disable buttons can instantly turn off the output of either channel. A Green LED (light emitting diodes) is provided for each channel to indicate the on or off state. A Red LED is also provided for each channel to provide a visual indication of the approximate amount of power each channel is producing (the brighter the LED, the higher the output).

The PSG-MAX is powered by a ordinary 9 volt transistor radio battery. The design of this signal generator provides for an extremely long battery life, so no provision for an A.C. Adapter was necessary.

Often in stock - call if you require a rush order.

Folsom PSG-MAX Electrostim Power Unit
ELC-FMAX - $345.00

A shout out to a great informative, educational and creative source of all things electrosex. SmartStim is member-supported and offers ideas, waveform files, software, videos, images and forums discussing the topic of electrical stimulation. Feel free to mention BDG Sales sent you!

ErosTek ET-312
ErosTek ET312
Back lit LCD displays mode, digital readouts of A / B Intensities, and Button Functions
ErosTek ET-312B
While around for years, it's still the premier electro stimulation power source. Manufactured in the USA for the specific purpose of erotic electo-stimulation. Delivers plenty of power, and just in case you can't get enough, there's an adjustment to virtually double the normal output. USA (110v) and European (220v) versions available.

Just Some of the ErosTek ET-312B Features:

  • 100% Pure Digital Power Wave Form Generation
  • 18 preprogrammed e-stim modes
  • Unique signal ramping when changing modes
  • 3 ranges of adjustability, Low, Normal, and High
  • Unique Tri-Phase Modes blends A/B outputs
  • Easy-to-Read Backlit LC Display
  • Dual Independently Adjustable Outputs with LED indicators
  • Stereo Audio Input jack
  • Microphone Input jack
  • Rechargeable High-Capacity Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Eros Link Software - sold separately below
    - creates customized e-stim pattern modes
    - allows downloading of new factory patterns
    - And so much more

This box generates extremely pleasurable sensations that can become incredibly painful (should you desire). Electro pleasure or Electro torture (or maybe a bit of both).     

Accessories Included:
(1) 120VAC Adapter
(1) Stereo Audio Cable
(1) Microphone
(2) Banana Plug Lead wires
(1) User's Guide

Free shipping on this unit wihin the continential U.S.A.
A 10% restocking fee applies to this item.

Sorry, Not currently available
ErosTek ET-232
ErosTek ET-232
Announcing the ultimate portable for erotic e-stim: the ErosTek ET-232 portable power unit, with all these legendary ErosTek features:
  • Audio processing with built-in microphone and audio input jack
  • 2 independent output channels
  • Exclusive MultiAdjust (MA) control provides simple adjustment of mode speed and feel via a single knob
  • 15 different modes accessed by turning a knob
  • Special High Frequency (HiFreq) mode for low-level erotic stimulation
  • Includes AC adapter and 9 volt battery
  • Small size (3.3" x 4.4" x 1.5") makes it easy to use and travel with
  • All starting at $349

Sorry, Not currently available
ErosTek 302R
ErosTek ET-302R - Pocket Sized, Remote Controlled!
Imagine a device that slips into your pocket and is completely controlled by a tiny 4-button remote control for portable, public, and BDSM fun... the latest remote-controlled e-stim units from ErosTek are HERE! And they're packed full of features and power!

Sorry, Not currently available